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The Sparky

American made

leather extends right up to the waist

made of double stitched cotton duck cloth and chap split leather

best quality hook and loop fastener for waist and leg straps

elastic waist strap to prevent sliding off hips

specially tanned leather - extremely durable yet soft and flexible

waterproof leather at center of waist - no staining

two knife pockets with room to install magnets if required

available in small, medium and large

available in blue/grey only

"This is my third Sparky Apron since the year 2000!  I can say, that these aprons are my favourite - the cut fits me very well, the thick and supple leather and the recently added pads protect my farrier- legs reliably. And so far no horse was able to open the rearranged clasp! Whoever has the opportunity to work with this apron, will never choose a different one!"

-Andreas Eberl - Germany